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Sojourn Boutique


Sojourn is a women's clothing and accessories boutique located in Mt. Lookout, Ohio, dedicated to providing classic, stylish, comfortable and unique clothing and accessories that uplift your everyday experiences. We seek to provide, to our customers, an enjoyable boutique experience, and a get-away and a retreat as you explore our curated and lovely, quality clothing, timeless essentials and enjoyable items that will bring you style, comfort and joy. We celebrate the strength, resilience and talents of our customers and look forward to meeting you and all who visit our boutique. We are here to serve our customers and provide a fulfilling shopping

experience for you along your journey.

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Sojourn Cincy



We seek to align our boutique's values with our own and strive 

for responsibly sourced, eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically

manufactured materials and brands, as much as possible. We have sought to work with businesses that are deliberately seeking to support their communities and organizations that prioritize ethical practices, wellness and equality.


Classic, stylish and comfortable, our collections are designed for

uplifted and joyful everyday living along with you feeling and looking great. Our staple pieces work equally well at home, at work and on the go-to any destination. We seek to assist you with identifying essential and enhanced pieces for your wardrobe, lifestyle and home.


Our boutique's experience is centered around providing, to our

customers, a serene and relaxing shopping experience and a temporary place for rejuvenation. From our thoughtful design, versatile selections of clothing and accessories and our gracious service, we feel very good knowing that a customer leaves our store feeling uplifted and appreciated.

Sojourn Cincinnati

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